About Us

Here at Soft Washing Services, we specialise in using the softwashing technique to provide a safe but effective clean to the outside of a property. We’ve built years of experience and we’re excited to bring this to you and help your property to look as good as it can through our cleaning techniques.  

As our name goes, we are leading experts in the softwashing techniques and we want to bring this service to you at an affordable cost. We want to bring leading equipment and technological advances in the softwashing technique and make them available to you, so you can experience the benefits on your property.  

We’d love to help share more information with you and give you a good idea of what it is that we do. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the below, we’re always available to share more information and answer any questions you have. Feel free to get in touch today! 

Roof shingle - Roof cleaning

A lot of people think that they’ll need to use heavy-duty tools to clean the exterior of a property or to clean a driveway. The high power of a pressure washer helps to blast away any dirt and send any stains far away, and this can prove to be quite beneficial in the short term. However, pressure washing isn’t always the best method to use.  

We’ve specialised in a more safe and gentle approach to cleaning known as softwashing. It uses a more gentle method but uses specialist chemicals to help give your property a good clean and tackle any biological organisms right at the source. Pressure washing can sometimes blast these microorganisms onto other areas of your property, and over time cause more mess and staining than by not cleaning to begin with!  

Pressure washing can cause damage to your property. Because of the high power and the immense pressure that the water can exert onto your property, sometimes it can cause ruptures in things like the cement or any plaster. Our softwashing technique eliminates this risk, ensuring that your property will look as clean as possible without any risk of causing damage.  

We’re well equipped for the job.  

To help give a good clean, we understand that you need to have the right equipment. We’ve invested in the latest technology and the best tools to get the job done. We strongly believe that this helps to make a difference to your clean, and we’re dedicated to making sure your property looks as good as it can.  

Our team are all fully trained in how to use the equipment to the best of its abilities, which ensures there is no risk to your property. We provide extensive training and refresher training wherever required to help ensure that all equipment is used to its full ability, whilst being used on your property in the best way possible.  

All properties are different and there are lots of materials that are used today, which means there are extra precautions that we need to take. Before we undertake any work, we go through a planning phase where we understand the property and learn about the materials that are used, ensuring that we prime the right equipment for the job. This is a crucial step that some companies miss in favour of efficiency, however, we strongly believe that this is required and should be conducted before every job.  

Our softwashing has been designed to help all types of materials, and through the planning stage, we can ensure a safe but effective clean for all types of properties and surfaces. Some common surfaces that we clean are: 

  • Brickwork 
  • Cladding 
  • Wooden surfaces such as decking 
  • Render 
  • Concrete 

And plenty more! We’ve helped lots of people transform the look of their properties and make them look like new again, so get in touch with us today and learn what we can do for you.  

Our softwashing service is specially designed to tackle today’s problems.  

All properties encounter the weather such as rain and winds, which naturally makes them susceptible to various problems. One common problem is algae, which leaves large green marks on your property. Because this is caused by microorganisms, using a pressure washer or scrubbing these stains won’t get to the root cause and help to get rid of the algae itself, it just removes the stains. This means that the algae will continue to grow and more marks will appear once cleaned, therefore causing problems in the future.  

Our cleaning service is specially designed to tackle algae and other microorganisms. We use a special mix of chemicals and water that is designed to not only be tough on marks and remove these but also to kill and sanitise the area as well. This then kills off any traces of any algae or other biological matter, significantly postponing the length of time before the marks can grow back.  

Today, there are lots of different types of properties and designs that are being used. There are properties with exposed woodwork, ones that are covered in a render, ones that use the old fashion brick and mortar and plenty more. Where before, bricks and mortar were commonly used and pressure washing could get the job done, today a new method is needed to ensure a universal clean. At Soft Washing Services, we’re leading experts in softwashing and highly experienced to bring this service to you.  

When it’s time for a good clean. 

If you find yourself looking at your property and thinking back to the days when it was new, you may find yourself feeling down about how the property looks today. Fortunately for you, there’s no need to imagine this any more. You’ll know when the time has come for a good clean, when you can see streaks and stains on the property is a good example of when you’ll need to get it cleaned.  

We’ve seen it first hand ourselves, when people have asked us to come and take a look at their property. We’ve seen the pictures of the building when it was new and how the building looks now, how it has changed over time. We love seeing a finished building once we’ve done our clean and seen the happiness on the owners face, and we’d love to bring this to you!  

We can help transform your property and get it looking as clean as possible. Our safe and proven methods are available for you when you need them.  Visit us: https://www.facebook.com/SoftWashingServices/