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Here at Soft Washing Services, we’re excited to bring our render cleaning services to Chertsey. Render cleaning is a fantastic way of keeping your property looking new and preventing any natural build-up of marks or stains on the exterior walls of your building. Therefore we introduce render cleaning in Chertsey with professional staff.

We understand the effects that nature has on the outside of your building and how it can start to make it look aged and in some cases, unsightly. The rain pours and watermarks are left on the render and algae continues to grow and leave that green-looking mark on the side of your walls. It’s, unfortunately, an inevitable thing to happen.

This is where our render cleaning service comes in. Over time, we’ve worked with many different families and businesses to help restore their render and make it look like brand new.

We’re so confident in the quality of our clean and restoration services that we give a 5 year warranty as standard.

Our cleaning services are not only good for property, they’re also good for the environment. We use eco-friendly products for an environmentally conscious clean.

Our staff are fully trained and this training is regularly maintained to adhere to the latest standards.

We are a trading standards checked and reliable company with many satisfied customers.

We’ve designed a special technique for maximum cleanliness.

We wanted to make sure that our cleaning service gives the maximum change, helping to really bring back that colour and design in your render. We use a process known as ‘softwashing’.That makes our company stand out in render cleaning in chertsey.

Softwashing is a gentle but thorough cleaning method to help bring your render looking like new. There are several benefits that softwashing brings over types of cleaning, such as:

It’s gentle.

Softwashing doesn’t come with the hard, heavy power that comes with using a pressure washer, and this is something that we believe to be essential for render cleaning. Render can be damaged if too much force is applied to it, so using a pressure washer can dislodge and cause uneven holes in your render, causing it to look damaged.

Softwashing eliminates this risk. By using specially formulated chemicals instead of the hard-hitting power of a pressure washer, it poses no risk to your render.

It’s more effective.

We use specially designed chemicals that are reliable and trustworthy in our cleans. These chemicals are proven to help tackle dirt and grime marks without the need for heavy-duty tools, ensuring that your render is kept safe.

Our cleaning technique has been crafted and tweaked over time to ensure that your property gets a good, even clean all round. This helps to make sure there is no missed areas or any inconsistencies across your property, which is hard to guarantee with other methods.

It performs a deep clean.

The chemicals we use in our softwashing are certified and trusted chemicals, posing no threat to your building or anybody nearby. These chemicals are formulated to be tough on stains and algae to help remove any marks that occur over time, whilst keeping your render looking as good as possible.

Because of the softwashing method we use, these chemicals are pushed right into the place they need to be to do their job. They’ll dig deep into the stains and marks, whilst tackling any biological matter as they work. This process is more effective than any other cleaning method out there as it allows us to make a long-lasting clean, lasting up to 5 times longer than a traditional pressure wash clean.

The method we use is something we have tailored over time using our experience. We’ve helped many happy customers in the past to benefit from our render cleaning and helped to show them that it doesn’t need to cost a lot to get your building looking like new again. Our techniques are proven and trusted by many, and we’d love to bring them to your property.

It’s long-lasting.

One of the main reasons that render starts to look aged is because of biological matter, such as algae. This can grow and continues to do so unless treated thoroughly. Although pressure washing removes the green sights of the algae, it doesn’t guarantee that it will remove any live traces and these can continue to reproduce and grow, bringing back the green marks.

Our technique focuses on the root problem and tackles this directly. As we clean, we sanitise the walls to help kill off any instances of biological matter, which in turn means that our cleaning methods last up to 5 times longer than a standard pressure wash.

It’s quiet.

Unlike the power of a standard pressure washer, our cleaning technique is much quieter. We feel this is a strong advantage as it allows us to clean without any disruptions to you or your neighbours.

We’re keen to prevent any disruptions to your day, so whether you’re trying to relax at home or you’re keen to not distract your employees whilst they work, we’ve created the perfect cleaning method for this.

Soft Washing Services help to bring many benefits to your property.

We’ve worked closely with a lot of businesses and homes over the years to help bring the benefits our cleaning techniques can bring. In our experience, we’ve found the following benefits:

  • Your building will look like new
  • You’ll be able to save money on any future render replacement
  • You’ll wow your guests with the new look to your building

We know the importance of render and how it can protect the brickwork from fighting with nature, and for this reason, we know that it’s important that your render remains high quality and works for you. Our render cleaning methods are designed to help give your render the best chance of remaining a good quality so that it can properly do its job.

Once your render has been cleaned thoroughly, you’ll have no dirt of marks in the way to see how it looks. If there are any cracks you’ll be able to see these much more easily now, allowing you to tackle the problem whilst it’s small and inexpensive compared to a much larger problem down the line.

We’re eager to help you to maintain your property as best you can and that’s where we’re here to help. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to notice smaller cracks and often these aren’t spotted until it becomes a big, expensive job. Whilst we’re doing the clean we’ll keep a close eye out for these things and help share it with you, saving you money in the long run.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is This Just For Chertsey?

As much as we love Chertsey, we’ll happily help you if you’re in the UK. All of our equipment is mobile so we’ll bring it with us on the day and we’ll get to work, helping to ensure that your building gets the best treatment we can provide. 

Is It Safe For My Building?

Yes, our team are well experienced and very knowledgeable when it comes to softwashing, so you’ll be in safe hands here. We only use the best equipment and the latest technology in our cleans, as we thoroughly believe this helps to give the best results possible.
We pair this with the certified chemicals to ensure that you get the best out of our time cleaning your property. We believe in making our services as affordable as possible as we want to help you to get the best out of your property and prevent any unnecessarily large costs for rendering replacement in the future, so talk to us today!

How Trusted Are Soft Washing Services?

With many happy customers around the UK, very! We take great pride in using only the most trusted equipment and chemicals for our clean to ensure there’s absolutely no risk to your render from our efforts.
Our team are experts and really know their stuff, so they’ll make sure that everything is in order before getting to work. If there are any concerns that the team have, these are captured during the planning phase of the clean and appropriate measures are put in place to ensure there is no risk to your property.

What Buildings Can You Work On?

We want to bring the benefits of our cleaning to everybody, so there’s no building that we can’t help with. We’ll need to know some information about your property, such as if it’s a tall property, if it’s a home or if it’s a commercial building etc. Some types of properties we’ve helped in the past are:
Commercial Properties
Residential Properties
Industrial Properties
As long as the building has rendering on the exterior walls, we’ll be happy to come and help get these looking clean. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll discuss your particular type of property and any requirements you may have.

How Long Does It Take?

As there are lots of different sizes of properties, the amount of time it takes can vary. There are a number of factors, such as how high the rendering is, how much surface area there is to clean and plenty more that can affect the time it takes to complete.
Our render cleaning service has been specially designed to be quiet and minimise any disruptions, so even if it takes us a while to complete the job you’ll be able to continue on with your day without being disrupted by us.

How Do I Get A Quotation?

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your property needs. We’d love to learn more about your project, so please don’t hesitate to call us today!

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