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Flat Roof Cleaning Surrey 

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If you have a building with a flat roof in Surrey, you may have noticed that it can become messy or look dirty. This is a common problem for flat roofing and can make your roof look unsightly. Fortunately, we’re here to help by providing our roof cleaning services in surrey.

We’re a leading flat roof cleaning company based in Surrey, and we’ve got the expertise and the knowledge to help with all your flat roof cleaning needs. We’ve helped many people to get their roof looking like new and prevent the smells that come with the mess.

We’ve become the number one choice in Surrey for flat roof cleaning. If you think your roof could use a professional clean, give us a call today. We’d love to answer any questions you may have and help to give you the peace of mind in knowing that we’ll perform a safe and high-quality clean, every time.

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Reasons To Choose Us

We’re so confident in the quality of our clean and restoration services that we give a 5 year warranty as standard.

Our cleaning services are not only good for property, they’re also good for the environment. We use eco friendly products for a environmentally conscious clean.

Our staff are fully trained and this training is regularly maintained to adhere to the latest standards.

We are a trading standards checked and reliable company with many satisfied customers.

Our cleaning method is very effective on your roof.

We’re leading experts in the exterior cleaning, helping to make your property look like new. We’ve helped many people to get their flat roofing looking like new which can bring several benefits to your property. We can help:

  • Remove any marks or stains
  • Put preventative measures in place to keep your roof looking cleaner for longer
  • Remove the smell that can appear
  • Save you some money!

Here at Soft Washing Services, we’re dedicating to helping make your property look like new. We use a cleaning method known as ‘softwashing’. This process is much safer on your roof as it doesn’t use high amounts of power such as a pressure washer. This prevents any damage to your roofing whilst we’re working, helping to keep your property safe.

Softwashing uses a more gentle approach and uses safe but effective chemicals to treat the marks and help restore your roofing to normal. The chemicals we use are specially designed to lift the stains from the surface of your roof rather than blasting them, helping to control the clean as we go. Not only does this prove to be more effective, but it also helps us to guarantee a great clean, every time.

Our cleaning method uses chemicals as part of our clean. We make sure that all of the chemicals that we use are guaranteed to be safe to your roof, whilst being tough on any marks or stains. The chemicals that we use are not only tough on marks and stains but also any biological matter. We make sure to tackle any microorganisms and growth that naturally appears on your property.

We’ll tackle the roots of these biological spores to help not only deal with them effectively but to provide prevent any quick regrowth. Other cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, can remove any sights of spores but doesn’t effectively tackle them right from the very core, therefore they can grow back quickly. We can guarantee to prevent regrowth. The chemicals we use will leave your roof sanitised and help to keep things from growing for longer, giving you a much more long-lasting clean.

Our cleaning method makes your roof safe.

Flat roofing provides access to the top of your property, therefore it needs to be safe. Our cleaning method helps to not only make your roof look like new, but it also helps to keep it safe.

Microorganisms, like algae, can grow and leave a green stain on your roof. This not only looks bad, but it can become a slip hazard if it continues to grow, making your roof dangerous. Our cleaning technique will lift anything that can cause a slip hazard and guarantee the safe removal of these substances. Other cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, will blast these marks away and can move it around to another location on your roof.

The chemicals we use can help to kill off any natural spores that may be growing on your roof. These spores are known to be very tough and can cause dislodging in your roof, ultimately leading to leaks in your roof. We help to prevent this and we make sure that the effects are long-lasting, keeping your roof and your property safer for longer.

We’re one of the only companies in Surrey that can guarantee a safe clean for your roof. If you’re finding that your roof is feeling slippery or you’d like it to look clean again, then give us a call.

We’ll help you to save money in the long run.

We’re dedicated to helping all of our customers to save money in the long run. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best value out of our services at the most affordable price we can offer.

Our pricing model offers competitive pricing. We make sure that every job that we do we’ll provide a separate quote to help make sure we’re offering you the best value we can offer, so not only do you get the benefit of our services, you’ll get this at the best price possible.

Because of the cleaning technique that we’ve designed and we use, we find that every clean we offer can last up to 5x as long as a pressure washing clean. This helps not only keep your flat roof safer for longer, but it saves you money on cleaning services for long into the future.

We’re dedicated to helping Surrey to get the best out of their roof and we want to offer the best cleaning service possible. Get in touch today and find out more about how we can help your property!

We’re leading experts in flat roof cleaning.

We’ve helped many people to get their roof looking like new with our roof cleaning in surrey. Through our years of experience, we’re pleased to say that we’ve become the number one choice for many, with many of our customers being return customers.

We’ve been able to help with many different properties. We’re highly-skilled and we’ve devised our method of cleaning to help maximise the benefits of the services that we provide. One of the things that we do differently is we’ll start with planning the clean of your roof to help ensure that we tackle this as effectively as possible. We make sure to take any risks or concerns into account at this stage to help prevent any problems further down the line.

We’ll then use our softwashing technique to guarantee a great clean, every time. We make sure that the service we provide is exceptional, every time. To do this we make sure to use the right equipment for your roof to guarantee the best clean that we can for your roof. We believe that the right equipment helps to guarantee the right results, therefore we continue to invest in the equipment that we use.

We also make sure that the team are fully equipped with training on how to use the equipment to the best of its abilities. Our team are leading experts and know what to look out for on your roof, so we make sure they have the right knowledge and tools to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that three things make our cleaning service stand out. These are:

  • The expertise of our team
  • The equipment we use
  • The carefully designed cleaning technique we use.

It’s these three things that are what our cleaning technique so effective and powerful against any marks and grime on your rooftop. We’d love to talk through your type of property and how we can help, so give us a call today!

As well as several benefits we’ve covered, we’re also able to help tackle that smell that can come with the grime. We remove the marks and any stains to help get your roof looking like new, removing the smell entirely.

We’ll help all types of properties! If you have a building with a flat roof, we’ll be more than happy to come and help. We’ve helped lots of buildings in the past, such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Apartment blocks
  • Large shops

And many more! We’re dedicated to helping Surrey, so if you feel your roof could benefit from a good clean then get in touch with us today!

We’ll be more than happy to provide a quotation for you. Simply give us a call and get in touch, and we’ll go from there! We’ll want to know a few bits about your property such as the size of the area we’re cleaning and things like this, but once we know more we’ll be able to get a quote over to you.

Not at all, as long as we can get to your roof then we’ll be able to bring our services, including all the equipment we need, to you. If there’s anything we need, such as access to water, then we’ll make sure to discuss this with you before our arrival.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll get your roof looking like new!

Get In Touch

Pop your details below and send us a message about your render cleaning requirements. We’ll be happy to help.

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